If you have also seen this internet couple, then know its truth too! We have become viral disease during the 4G revolution. Seeing any interesting photo or video, it is divided around like gram-murray. Whether or not it means, people are pressing the button of daily share to store free internet data. Our habit has made this couple viral on the internet.

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If you have also seen this internet couple, then know its truth too! – India Virals | www.indiavirals.com

The difference between the boy and the girl, the color and the kind of astonishing people began to call it a mismatch. Someone wrote that ‘the advantage of government job’ is sending the ‘poison where will get’ below the photos. Now when the truth of the viral picture has surfaced, then the Raita spreader is hiding his face. The boy who is looking very ordinary in the photo is as unique as his talent. Maybe that’s why a pretty girl is appearing with her.

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There is something called Talent name too !

The name of the boy who appeared in photographs is named Etley. And they are the writers of Tamil films and the screen playwriter. Born in Madurai, the full name of the city is Arun Kumar. Atlee did a debut in Tamil films in 2013 and came tehla on its way. Ashli ​​Kumar has also got Best Director Debut Award for her debut film Raja-Rani. In the first four weeks the business of that film was 500 million rupees.

The beautiful girl who is seen in the picture with them is also the famous TV actress Krishna Priya. He has also made a lead role in several serials. After eight years of relationship with Atlee, both of them got married in 2014.

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