Israel woman Soldier: 22-year-old Kim Mellibovsky, who lives in Israel, has become an internet sensation these days. The reason for this is their hot and glamorous photos, which the users are very much liked. Kim is currently serving in the Israel army, apart from that he is also a model. Photos such as uploads.

Beautiful Israeli Soldier

PHOTOS: This Israel woman Soldier has become the Internet sensation

On social site Instagram, Kim is discussing his photos these days. Indeed, on one hand, they upload their photos with Army dress and gun.

Beautiful Israeli Soldier

On the other hand, they are also seen in hot bikini. In these photographs he is looking very bold, due to which he has become headline.

Beautiful Israeli Soldier

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Not only this, some people compare them to American model Kim Kardashian. Let us know that about 25 thousand people follow Kim on Instagram.

However, this is not the only Israel woman solder, which has made sensation. Even before this, many female sulpers have been in the discussion due to their glamorous photos.

It is significant that it is mandatory for women to be women or men in the army.

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