Calcutta High Court’s previous judge Justice CS Karnan, who was captured in Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu on Tuesday, on Wednesday moved the Supreme Court looking for safeguard and suspension of six-month sentence granted to him in May. The SC, be that as it may, declined to engage Karnan’s safeguard supplication. An excursion seat of Justice DY Chandrachud and Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul likewise stated: “We can’t suspend the sentence as the request of the sentence was passed by a seven-judge seat. Apologies, in any case,” Justice Chandrachud stated, declining the safeguard supplication. The seat said this as Justice Karnan’s advice Mathew J Nadumpara encouraged it to concede safeguard to the previous judge, who was captured by the West Bengal Police yesterday. Nedumpara said that this court had every one of the forces and should give the between time safeguard till the reviving of the court.

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To this, the excursion seat said it couldn’t supersede the request of the seven-judge seat. The previous judge will be held up in the Presidency Jail in Kolkata after he arrives in the West Bengal capital today. Police thought about CS Karnan’s concealing spot in Coimbatore for three days Calcutta High Court’s previous judge Justice CS Karnan was sentenced to six months detainment by the Supreme Court for scorn. Karnan, who was evading capture for over a month, resigned from benefit, a couple days back.

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