Kangana wanted to marry Hrithik Roshan, Hrithik did not even recognize after divorce with Sussanne Khan. Mumbai . Kangana Ranaut has made the shocking disclosure. He says that there was a time when he wanted to marry Hrithik Roshan. Kangna says that Hrithik had promised him that after marrying Sujain he would marry him, but later he refused to recognize Kangna.

Kangana wanted

Kangna said that Hrithik himself sent thousands of emails to myself from my email ID. In these emails, Hrithik himself wrote, “I am missing you. I died then There is a problem in my mind, treat me. ”

Kangna says that Hrithik had planned for his defense. By making a copy of these emails they asked India’s best criminal Loire to save them. Hrithik wanted to prove that the charge imposed by me is baseless because I am mad and I need treatment.

When asked to Kangana that he is single or in the relationship, he said, “I do not have any answer to this question.” He definitely said that, “I often say to my sister, Always say that the boy is looking for you. ”

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