Kapil Sharma’s girlfriends shared firangi teaser poster. The long-awaited film of Kapil Sharma, the teaser poster has been launched. In this, the national flag of the United Kingdom is shown. This poster has been retweeted by film actress Ishita Dutta and Kapil’s alleged girlfriend Ginnie Chatrath. Kapil is not seen in this teaser poster, but the release date of the movie has definitely been told. The film will be released on November 10.

firangi teaser poster

Kapil Sharma’s girlfriends shared firangi teaser poster – India Virals | www.indiavirals.com

Kapil Sharma will return to show again, know how long it is to relaunch plan
Please tell that Firangi is the story of a small town boy who falls in love with an NRI girl. Ishita and Monika Gill are playing a major role in the film. Kapil Sharma will soon be involved in the promotion of Firangi after taking a break from his show last days. It has been directed by Rajiv Dingra.

Kapil Sharma’s girlfriends shared firangi teaser poster – India Virals | www.indiavirals.com

Please tell that Rajin Dhingra was first made the creative director of Kapil’s show. But it was said that Rajiv could not control the team. Deadlines were not completed. The script was not ready at the time. This affected the quality of the show and the TRP fell even more. It was also said that many people of the team did not like Rajiv. The result was that the entire system of the show was destroyed.

Even more shocking is the fact that most people of the party, where Rajiv did not want to be on the show, Kapil wanted that Rajiv be the director of the show. Well, because of the news coming in the past, the reason for the closure of the show itself is Kapil Sharma itself. His health has started getting worse. In addition, he called for big shoots from Shah Rukh Khan to Ajay Devgan and then sent him back after waiting for him.

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