Kill Salman Khan

Price to kill Salman Khan and Rahul Gandhi : These days people are trying hard to become a celebrity on social media. Someone is becoming patriot, then some betle man. The method which is used by them is is different. More recently, this social media has delivered ‘Dhinchak Puja’ from the ground to the sky. There are many more people in this list.

Price to Kill Salman Khan

Someone posted an inflammatory Facebook post and blind people made him viral. Then .. again what! Got fame become the social media lion in a few minutes!

Such an inflammatory Facebook post is getting viral these days, in which it has been suppressed to kill Bollywood stars Salman Khan and Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi. The poster has also announced a reward of 50 lakh rupees for this. After all, whose post is this?

Rahul Gandhi and Salman are on target

There are two posts on Arvind’s Facebook Wall, one of which has been said to be given a reward of Rs 50 lakh to kill Salman Khan; in the second post, Arvind has written a supari to kill Rahul Gandhi.

On the social media this ‘Lampat’ became famous. Everyone shared that post without a thought. They did not even know who is this person, where is he?

What is the problem after all !

Kill Salman Khan and Rahul Gandhi

The person who wrote this post is named Arvind Singh Chattan. He is a resident of Indrapur of Varanasi. If you do not understand the looters of this social media, then they take out such ideas that they can arrange for their living. A ‘squad’ should also be formed for these laughs. As soon as an inflammatory post puts by someone, immediately catch him.

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