Know how is the life of Indian soldiers in Siachen. On the one hand, the whole country lounges, sleeps in peace, while on the other hand Indian Army soldiers remain stationed at dangerous places like Siachen Glacier, where the air is said to be where the man is stationed.

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Mercury minus is less than 50 degrees and it is called ‘Superman’ which is battling this temperature. Yes, this is the story of the Indian soldiers who are stationed on Siachen Glacier. Let’s know about these brave soldiers who are struggling with death so that we can be safe.

What is siachin glacier

Siachen glacier or Siachen glacier Himalaya is located on the north near Indo-Pak Line of Control in the eastern Karakoram range. It is considered very important for India and Pakistan. It is the world’s highest battlefield. Deploying armies on this proves to be a costly deal for both the countries. In Siachen, 10 thousand soldiers of India are deployed and their maintenance costs Rs 5 crore per day.

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Why is it important for India

Siachen is located at the highest elevation. Here the border between Pakistan and China meets with India. The threat from the two countries keeps us in danger. Pak and China’s army are constantly trying to infiltrate the border of India. A little wrong can befall India in crisis. So the soldiers here are alerted.

Mercury goes closer to -50

Mercury reaches near -50. In the midst of such a cold, the young men of India remain with the whole mob. To protect the Indian border located on Siachen Glacier, 3 thousand soldiers are always stationed. Pakistan has always been claiming on Siachen.

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The Soldier are also living hard

The platoon of the soldiers is deployed for three-three months. In these three months, they live far away from the bath. Because if you try to show bravery for bathing, then you will lose one or the other part of body and fall there. Food is full, but they know how much they can pay after eating. The snowy winds move on their heads every moment to swallow them.

Death keeps moving on the head

Under the snow the soldiers are buried and their tomb becomes in the snow. Even after this, the troops are deployed promptly every moment. Fight with the weather and keep an eye on the intrusion of Pakistan. Very few platoon is such that many soldiers return as they go to take care of Siachen.

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News of death comes after several days

The news of the loss of their lives also reaches the relatives of the soldiers. The template is prepared in every language because the language of the relatives of the soldier is different. The name and number of the soldier is empty, which is written in the vacant post after losing the life of the soldier.

Do so patrol

It carries a five-five number of rope in the waist on the ice and patrols. So that one can go in a gap, the other can save it, but many times it gets absorbed in five to five in the ice, and until the information is understood in their snow, many feet of thick ice is frozen on them. Yet all of them endure it. Live for the country and die for the country.
Hail to these soldiers. Their shouting Their sense of jealousy

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