Knowing this unique child, you will also be stunned. West Bengal Today, we are going to tell you about a child whose relation will be shocked to know about it. In fact, Suman Khatoon, who lives in West Bengal, is 9 years old. He eats 180 bananas, 8 kg potatoes and 14 kg of rice in a week.

unique child

Suman is 92 kg and is one of the world’s most fat children. His hunger is so terrible that even after eating throughout the day, his stomach and heart does not fade. He has to eat continuously. Suman has increased by five times with its height and age.

unique child


Knowing this unique child, you will also be stunned – India Virals |

Suman is very much more like sweet to eat. She is Bengali and so she has a lot of love for sweet and sweet cake. She has become so thick that she has a lot of difficulty in getting her from staying and sitting, playing and running. Suman’s mother friend Bibi is in tension with the increasing weight of her little girl.

unique child

They say that Suman looks hungry. She wants that her daughter’s obesity should be treated with some kind of treatment. She knows that her baby is in danger of becoming sugary and heart disease in future.

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