We dared to dream that Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma, not with standing their caustic battle in April where Kapil is said to have tossed a shoe at Sunil, will kiss and make up. Be that as it may, now, their break is finished and Sunil Grover has held hands with Kapil’s most despised opponent Krushna Abhishek for another show. Probably called Comedy Company, the show will have an indistinguishable organization from Kapil Sharma Show. It will be about a theater and film-frantic family which will have celebs as visitors in their home.

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What will come as a blade to the heart of Kapil Sharma fans is the way that his previous TV family has joined Krushna Abhishek. This incorporates “dadi” Ali Asgar, “educator” Sugandha Mishra, “Chandu” Chandan Prabhakar and Sunil Grover. In the event that that is not all, Kapil’s affirmed previous sweetheart Preeti Simoes is likewise joining the new show. Sunil Grover in spite of an open conciliatory sentiment from Kapil had declined to come back to Kapil Sharma appear. He won’t be seen on Krushna’s show and will be a pillar there. He had before begun his own show after a go head to head with Kapil Sharma. At the point when the show got low TRPs, he had joined Kapil once more. Ali Asgar, in the wake of keeping mum for quite a while, as of late opened up about leaving Kapil’s show. Rather than pointing the finger at it on the notorious battle, Asgar said he cleared out Kapil’s show because of innovative contrasts.

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Krushna Abhishek and Kapil Sharma have been proficient opponents since quite a while now. After Kapil left Colors’ Comedy Nights With Kapil, Krushna was the host of its substitution appear, Comedy Nights Bachao. While Krushna has talked about Kapil openly, Kapil has never said anything against him.What does this mean for Kapil Sharma’s Show? While the show has recaptured its TRPs, it needs to take a shot at its substance and presumably present new faces.

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