New Delhi: Labor bill appears in Parliament, if given less salary, then it will be 50 thousand finesThe government presented Labor Bill in the Lok Sabha on Thursday. Through this it will be done at the central level to fix minimum wages of more than 400 million workers of all categories in the unorganized sector.

Labor bill appears in Parliament, if given less salary, then it will be 50 thousand fines

Its special provision is that if a wage is paid to a laborer, then its owner will be fined 50 thousand rupees. If this is done again in five years, then there is a provision of giving one lakh fine or 3 months imprisonment or both together. Although the opposition opposed the matter that the government introduced a bill on short notice. On the other hand, the Labor Minister said that the bill has been introduced now, the discussion will be discussed later.

Minimum wage review every five years

Minimum wage review will be done in keeping with the various standards in every five years. These will be decided by a panel, which includes employers, representatives of workers, and independent people. On the expiry of the shift to the pay day-time workers, weekly workers will have to pay the last working day of the week and fortnightly workers on the second day after the expiry of the workday.
Those on a monthly basis will have to pay salaries till the 7th of the following month. Removal or dismissal of workers or their resignation will be payable within two business days.

Merger of four laws

Labor Minister Bandaru Dattatreya said that the new bill will be merged with the Act of 1936, 1948, 1965 and 1976. The rights of any worker will not be violated by the provisions in this. For the employer, there is only one thing to relieve the new bill for the resident-worker, that he can deduct the wages of a worker only when he is absent from duty or because of any loss due to him. The employer has the right to cut paycheck in return for providing home and other facilities.

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