This lady earns millions of rupees by selling her piss. People in this world adopt new ideas to earn money, and what they do not do to earn money, someone becomes a donor like Vicky Donor, then a milk donor becomes a million and earns millions of rupees, but here But then something strange is happening, today we are going to tell you about a woman who earns millions of rupees by selling her piss.

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Friends, this thing will be taking place in your mind, why and for what? And what is the urge of it, so come friends, we give you all these questions.

Friends, this case is from Florida, here is a price of 25 pounds for a pregnant woman’s urine, it is a strange thing that this woman buys urine to urine and blackmail her boyfriend and marry them. Make pressure, the girls blackmail their boyfriends by purchasing urine of this woman by creating a report of false pregnancy, but the biggest advantage among them is that woman Who is selling her urine,

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By dp