Lady Hides 102 iPhones in the Underwear: IPhone is the world’s most expensive phone, as well as one of the best-selling phones. People get tremendous craze on this phone.

Lady Hides 102 iPhones in the Underwear

Lady Hides 102 iPhones – India Virals |

To reach the iPhone, you can go to any extent. Anyone willing to sell the kidneys for this, no one owns itself. But a very shocking case has emerged in China about the iPhone.

Lady Hides 102 iPhones

A Chinese woman tried to steal 102 iPhone and 15 luxury watches from Hong Kong with her body. Custom officials arrested this woman from Shenzhen (China) last week. According to the reports of Chinese media, the woman was carrying 102 of these phones hidden in her clothes. According to reports, this woman has named Female Iron Man. This report was published on July 11.

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Officers say that the woman was then suspected when she saw wearing a cardigan despite the heat. The woman’s torso seemed strange and bloated than her hands. After this the woman was checked with a metal detector.

According to the report, the woman who used to call her body had some weight of about 40 pounds i.e. around 9 kg. According to the Chinese media, the punishment of this crime fills a jail or fine. Let me tell you that this is not the first case. Such incidents have come up several times in China. Earlier in 2015 a man was caught trying to steal 84 iPhones.

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