Reduce the chance of heart attack, large cardamom. The Large Cardamom Benefits for our health .We use large cardamom to increase the taste of eating in almost all houses . But we can tell you that you can increase your taste not only by its use but also your body You can also keep it healthy forever.

Large Cardamom Benefits:Large Cardamom Benefits

1. Eating large cardamom can help relax the problem of stomach cancer and bone growth, if you drink a little bit of cardamom powder in 1 glass of hot water every day.

2. In the problem of acidity too, it is very beneficial to consume large Iliyachi . Mix a little lemon juice in it and consume it before sleeping at night. This will solve problem of your acidity.

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3. If you regularly drink a little bit of cardamom powder in your tea, it reduces your chances of heart attack.

4. It is very beneficial to consume large cardamom in the winter, cough and neck infections, for this . Mix some small cardamom powder with some honey and eat it twice a day.

5.  Nowadays, most people are troubled by the problem of joint pain. To get rid of this regularly drink 1 cup of cardamom powder by adding large cardamom powder.

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