Learn how SARAHAH is cheating with users. Sarahah is quickly deceiving app users in India a few days ago. According to the information, these mobile apps are uploading users’ data on their server site without the permissions of the users. However, if seen in the app, the user’s contact number is not asked anywhere or at any step.

Learn how SARAHAH is cheating with users - India Virals

Learn how SARAHAH is cheating with users

This thing came up when Zachary Julian, a senior security analyst at IT security consulting firm Bishop Fox uploaded the phone number as soon as the app was installed. He used the monitoring software BURP Suite to capture this move of praise. This is a software that helps the user to tell which server its data is being sent to.

As soon as you login to the application, it stores your email and phone contacts on your Android operating system

Julian was using Samsung Galaxy S5 (Android 5.1.1), but when it was tested on the iPhone, a permit was sought for access to the contact in the applause app.

Sarahahl’s developer Zainul-Abidin Tawfik said that the contact list is being uploaded for the upcoming ‘find your friends’. This feature has not been released yet due to technical difficulties.

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