GST 10 TAX: If you are happy about the GST being implemented in the country, just be sure. Let us tell you that even though GST, implemented from July 1, has eliminated the tax of 17 ways (center and state level) and 23 types of cess (cess), but these 10 ways are still doing this Will also continue.


Even after the GST has to be implemented,What about these GST 10 tax

1.  Stamp Duty: When buying a property, you have to pay stamp duty during registration. You still have to pay it after GST.

2. Custom Duty: Let us know that custom duty is imposed on goods imported from abroad. The Government has kept Basic Custom Duty (BCD) out of the purview of GST.

3. Vehicle registration fee: On purchasing a new vehicle, you have to pay the Vehicle Registration Fee in RTO. It has not been brought under GST.

4. Excise duty on liquor: Alcohol (liquor) is also excluded from the GST scope. Excise duty has been excluded from alcohol.

5. Tax on electricity sales and consumption: There will be no special impact on your electricity bill during GST’s tenure. I.e., the VAT currently being levied on the electricity bill and the Central Excise duty will continue.

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6. Toll tax: Even if the order has been removed to remove check posts in 22 states, but the toll tax on the highways will still continue.

7. Road Tax: When you buy a new vehicle, you have to pay a One Time Road Tax. That is, you will have to continue paying the road tax in the same manner as before in the GST tenure. It is also excluded from the GST scope.

8. Mandi Charges: Many indirect taxes of the Center and the state will be discontinued after the GST is implemented in the country, but the mandi fee for the sale of agricultural produce in the market will remain intact.

9. Panchayat Charge: The taxes levied on behalf of the Panchayats present in the country will remain intact. They are also excluded from the GST radius, so these will remain intact as before.

10. Municipal Tax: Municipal tax is also a type of tax that will remain the same as before. According to the information, municipal tax has nothing to do with GST so this tax will also be maintained.

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