If your social media illness is old. So you must have seen this child. This Little Kid smoke 40 Cigarettes. One day, smoking 40 cigarettes had drawn the attention of everyone. The child of only 2 years used to blow 40-40 cigarettes in a day. In 2010, this child’s picture was viral on social media, in which cigarette was pressed in his mouth.

Little Kid smoke 40 Cigarettes

After 2010 the world changed and this child also changed. This baby has now become a champion after coming out of smoke from cigarette. Alandi Rijal was born in a poor family in Sumatra, Indonesia.

By the age of two, Rizal Chen had become a smoker. The family and the people around it started worrying. After coming to the news, the Indonesian government also started to worry, it was possible to try everything together, but after the release of cigarette, it got locked in another problem.

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Because of the excessive cigarette smoking, His Hunger was ending. After coming to the headlines, the Indonesian government took responsibility and sent it to the rest house. Here cigarettes are discounted but hunger has become distracted.

What family do for his hunger

Now the family has somehow managed to overcome his hunger. Nutrients were given place in his food. Now the food also normalizes and behaves normal too. Now the 9-year-old child goes to school, plays with children and also sports champion at school.

The manner in which Riddal has struggled in his childhood indicates that he will definitely make some bigger in the coming time.

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