Mumbai: I know that I will lose stardom but I am not afraid of it: Aamir Khan. Superstar Aamir Khan says that he does not worry about losing fame, success and stardom. With the success of successful and super hit films, Amir has changed the grammar of commercial films and has made a special position in the industry itself.

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In an interview, Aamir said, “I am not afraid to lose stardom. I am absolutely clear that I am going to lose all this. There is no doubt in my mind that one day it will happen even when it will not happen to me.

I know that I will lose stardom but I am not afraid of it: Aamir Khan

Then what is the fear? One day, of course, we all are going to die, creativity also remains for a time, and in the end it also gets destroyed. ” “This is a natural process of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, which exists, one day will be destroyed. I will lose all this too, arguably.”

Aamir said that he does not sleep by thinking that he is fulfilling the complex work of film production or not. They said, “What we want to achieve, what has he done? This is my biggest fear, we should not do anything wrong here. Will I lose my creativity? Surely it will happen.

Do I lose my fame? It will be 100%, no question arises, it decides the time. ” In the past decade, 52-year-old actor has given super-hit films like ‘3 Idiots‘, ‘PK‘, ‘Dhoom 3‘ and ‘Dangle’. These films have not only made new record of success in India but also abroad. However, Aamir feels that he can never be bigger than those films which he is part of.

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He said, “Films make stars, it is not reverse, I can never claim that if a movie hit, it happened because of me. If you look at ‘PK’, ‘Dangle’, ‘3 Idiots’ then a star As a matter of fact. I can do more than that, because of my first weekend, the film has benefited. ” Aamir said. “I am contributing creatively in the form of an actor, a great credit goes to the directors and writers of all these films. They should get credit or if there is no film then it is also the responsibility of the director.”

Aamir’s forthcoming film ‘Secret Superstar‘ is being released on October 19 in which Zahira Wasim is in the lead role. Advaita Chandan directed it.

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