Mad Police will arrest the dead if not found alive : Which of the police and the story related to them you have heard many times? But such a news has come from Bihar. You will be shocked to hear that. Yes, the police in Bihar are now behind the dead. If they do not meet, they do not get back in their attempt to catch their soul. It is not we, the police file is saying.

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Mad Police will arrest the dead if not found alive India Virals |

The case relates to the reinstatement of Assistant, Assistant to the Gaighat in the year 2007. The department has taken 10 years to investigate irregularities in it. The administration took the whole 10 years to take action in the decision making officers in Anganwadi service.

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Now the department’s sleep is open, when the CDPO has died, the supervisor has retired. The case is under Seagulla selection in Anganwadi center-1772 of village Panchayatraj Baruari under the Gaighat Block. Now the officers of the CDPO, supervisory, zonal officer, personnel and restoration have an FIR.

Aarti Devi was selected on the basis of wrong income certificate on the post of Sevika, Gram Panchayat Raj Baruari, Anganwadi center number 172. Thakur Dharmendra Kumar had complained to Lokayukta about the case. The charges of wrongful restoration were felt on the then supervisor, the CDPO and others related to the restoration.

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