Man Falling on Girlfriend legs: South Korean actress Sandra Park is in the news nowadays due to her first lover having a discus in an interview after the breakup. In an interview given to the Korean channel, he told how after the first breakup he had decided till his death.

A man falling on Girlfriend legs as soon as he heard about the breakup

How do the condition of human beings during breakup, many cases of it keep coming out. Wherever the girls cry and cry, the boy gets up to the extent of insanity. Photos of such a lover were viral some time back.

Drama started on the beach road.

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The case was from the Hui province of China. Here a man got so much from the news of his breakup with his girlfriend that the middle of the road started crying. He grabbed the feet of his girlfriends. Along with photographs of this incident, the video was viral too. The man was holding the feet of the girl so loud that the girl was falling down and falling. To rescue herself, the girl slapped the boy, but the boy was not ready to leave the leg. The boy was crying but the girl left him alone and went ahead.

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