Not Brush: We are taught from childhood that every person should brush twice in a day. You must have seen some people who brush for three to four times a day. But today we are going to tell you about a man who had not brushed for the last 20 years.

This man has not brush for 20 years, teeth have become like this

This man has not brush for 20 years – india virals |

This was the toothache.

not brush

The 21-year-old J. did not brush in her life anytime. During a British reality show in January this year, who first appeared in front of the world Cleaning worker by profession J. told that no one had taught him to brush in childhood. Because of this, their teeth got damaged.

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The condition of their teeth became so bad that even those who did not want to see them. Because of their teeth, which could not fulfill their dreams. He wanted to make a career in sports or physiotherapy, but due to the teeth he could not do that.

Dentist Changed Life

JK Dentist changed his life. Dentist James Rachel saw a CT scan of his teeth and found that he would have to work hard on JK’s teeth. He cured JK’s teeth through extraction, cleaning and dental implant. Now, like the glittering teeth of their beads, it is not certain to see that these are those who whose teeth are hard to drink after seeing their teeth.

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