This man did such a fame, recorded the Guinness Book. new Delhi. This world is full of peculiar people. Do not do anything to get yourself into the headlines. If someone becomes a character of laughter then someone’s record is made.

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This man did such a thing, recorded in Guinness Book – India Virals |

In a social media these days a young man from Pakistan is very much capped. The fame of the founder and president of the Pakistan Academy of Martial Arts, Mohammad Rashid, has been included in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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Rashid, who lives in Karachi, has put a record of breaking ‘Drink Ken’ within 30 seconds by keeping the egg in hand. You must be surprised to know that the egg kept in their hand during this time is also good.

Guinness Book , recorded

Rashid smashed 29 Ken during this time After this, they had to show the egg in a glass as if it was real or fake, because with all the pressure, it was almost impossible to survive the broken eggs. However, after this, he broke the egg kept in hand and achieved this achievement.

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