Meditation Corrects the Planetary Position


Planetary Position: Meditation can also cure the situation of the home. Astronomers say that this can improve the status of your home too.

Meditation Corrects the Planetary Position

To fix the Sun: Tract is sitting on a wood in front of the rising sun, to see the sun one tuck. The eyelid is not lightening. Do this kind of meditation. Be careful not only to see the rising sun but also to have eyes related problem.

To fix the Moon: Sitting in the moonlight for some time. Meditate on the nature of Shiva, take deep breaths and leave it, doing this everyday will make the moon start to recover.

To fix Mars: Make the red point bigger on white paper and keep it in front of you and keep the waist straight and focus on it. Slowly Mars will recover the situation.

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To fix Mercury: Focus on sitting green green grass on a green tree. Look around the greenery. Mercury will start to recover.

To correct the guru: Whenever you go into meditation, meditate on your guru. If there is no Guru then Vishnu can think of God and close the eyes and imagine the beautiful form of Vishnu ji. Stay in this situation for a while. The master will start to recover.

To fix Venus: Meditate on the appearance of the mother sitting on the lotus. Imagine Kara’s mother sitting on a lotus flower is giving us full love.

To fix Saturn: Make a point of blue color. Sky blue color or on white paper Eyes should be at a distance of 2 feet. Meditate on that. Take the habit of hurting with the sun Satu’s solution for Ketu for Mars and Rahu.

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