Microsoft Surface Phone: Although Microsoft’s Surface PC line and Windows Phone revenue have declined, but this Redmond-based technology company is focusing on a new device called ‘Surface Phone’ and the company has made its paint public.

Microsoft Surface phone

Microsoft will bring ‘Surface phone’, which will not look like a phone

Microsoft Surface phone – India Virals |

According to Forbes’s Monday report, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella confirmed that Microsoft will make more phones, but they

Earlier this year, Nadella had announced that Microsoft will launch a special mobile device in 2017. They said, “We will remain intact in the mobile market, our emphasis is not on mobile phones of today’s market, but our emphasis will be on the advanced level of mobile devices.”

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Microsoft reported on July 21 that its Windows Surface revenue was reduced by two percent. Phone revenues are effectively zero compared to the previous quarter. Despite these results, the company has now published the patent of the smartphone.

The headphones of wireless communication device, battery, SIM card holder, and device of two parts with screen connector have been talked about.

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