These miraculous benefits of dhoop, the destruction of bad powers. Sun is very important in Hindu religion. It is considered beneficial to have sun lamps after all rituals. By giving incense the environment is pure and negative energy is destroyed. If a person gives incense in the days of Shraddha, his ancestors are blessed and his soul gets satisfied by attaining liberation. Today we will tell you about the dhoop, how many types of dhoop are given and what benefits are obtained from them.

miraculous benefits of dhoop

These miraculous benefits of dhoop, the destruction of bad powers – India Virals |

1 profit from camphor sun

The incense is cleaned by the camouflage and the destruction of negative energy is lost wherever there is a camouflaged sun. In Kapoor’s very important form, it is considered to be very important. It is used in removing the Vastu defect.

Benefits from 2 Goggles dhoop

Guggul is an aromatic architect which is used for perfumes, Ayurvedic medicines and aroma. By giving its dhoop, the whole atmosphere is filled with aroma. Guggal’s aroma releases our brain and relieves its pain and also in our heart’s pain Benefits.

miraculous benefits of dhoop

3 Benefits of frankincense benefits

Frankincense is also an aromatic substance that is mostly used on the dargah, it is believed that the extraordinary powers of the fringe are attracted.

miraculous benefits of dhoop

4 Benefits from the incense of jaggery and ghee

The fragrance arising from the incense of jaggery and ghee is called Agnihotra fragrance. On Thursday and Sunday, the thread of jaggery and ghee is removed, the stress of the person goes away and there is no discord in the house and the grace of Lakshmi ji remains . If a person adopts these tasks every day, then negative energy is destroyed from his house and peace remains in his house.

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