OMG: Missed call love, woman with 3 children reached the boyfriend. A woman with Missed Call fell in love with a young man. First she came alone and after deciding to spend her life, she went back to Kolkata and reached with the children.

OMG: missed call love, woman with 3 children reached the boyfriend

Actually, two years ago, a Missed call came from the number of women of West Bengal Lalabazar on the mobile phone of Dilip Kumar of the Sihiwatti police station area.

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The young man called the call back. After that, the process of things started, it reached the love. In love, the woman became crazy that she ran away from home with her three children and reached the young man.

The woman’s family lodged a complaint of abduction in West Bengal Police. Police of the city contacted the police station on the basis of call details and tower location. After this the city police took the youth into custody from a coaching institute.

The two were found in the hotel:

The youth told in the interrogation that after the missed call both of them fell in love. Women’s laws in Rosdha, but he lives in West Bengal with the husband. The young man expressed the desire to meet on the phone itself. On this, the woman reached her in-laws’ Rosda. From there, the couple planned to meet at a hotel in Samastipur.

Many times the young man met the woman:

After meeting at the hotel, both of them have the courage to live and die together. As long as the woman stayed in Rosda, every week the young man went to Balooghat to meet him. He lived in a rented house in Baluvagh area earlier.

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