Malaysian girl will become Miss Universe

No one is perfect, but some people are ashamed of their own body. If there is scar on the face then people try to hide it. Because of the teasing and humiliation of the people, they shout at the crowd. Even they hate their own body.

A girl living in Malaysia is enough to stop them all. From the feet of this girl to the head, the wart is the wart. Because of these moles, he was made fun, but he stopped talking to everyone by showing a scare to the people. After all what he did?

Malaysian girl will become Miss Universemiss universe

There are many moles on the face from birth

According to the media report, 20-year-old Ewita Delmundo has many faces since birth on the face and body. Also, there is a mark of birth spread from the neck to the shoulders. Because of all these, Eva had always had to be the laugh of people. People used to make fun of him. Many people even called them ‘monstrous’.

Underneath these, Eva has found her beauty in her own body. On the Instagram, Ivita shares smiling-smiling pictures. Do not care what someone says.

Ewita said that nobody in the school likes to talk to her. None of his friends could be made. Children used to tease him very much in school, many children used to call them ‘monsters’. Worst of all, Eva wanted to get rid of these moles anyway, but when the doctor said that it could endanger her life, she refused to choose the path of surgery.

Over time, Eva has learned to love her natural form. Ivy Miss Malaysia is participating in the competition. If she wins Miss Malaysia, then the way of Miss Universe will also open.

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