The living mummy of 200 years old Buddhist monk found here. We are going to tell you about an incident that you will be shocked to know about. Actually, police in Mongolia’s capital Ulan Bator recovered Mami of a Buddhist monk in a raid at a house.

The living mummy of 200 years old Buddhist monk found here – India Virals

It is being told that a person named Enhart has recovered the man wrapped in a skin hide in a cave of Mami mountain. According to the police, this man was about to sell this Mummy in the black market.

It is being told that the 200-year-old Mami is a Buddhist monk sitting in the position of Padmashan. Both the palms of this mummy are open. Doctor Barry Kargin claims that Mami is not dead but is sitting in the piece. Tukdom is a deep stage of meditation.

The body of the monk is just shrinking. The body did not get damaged. While the scientist says that the body was not so late as it was kept in cold place. However, this Mami is under the protection of Mongolia’s National Center for Forensic Expertise.

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