Muslim Woman Makes Unique Precedent, Makes Shivling. There have been reports of disturbing the atmosphere of communal violence incidents in the country for the past several days. Meanwhile, there was a news that is being seen as an example among Hindus and Muslims.

We are talking about a Muslim woman named Alamahara in Varanasi of UP, who is a Muslim woman. People know this woman as Nandini. Alamara works for making Shiva of Parare. For this, liquid pare is first brought in solid form and then placed in the groove, it is given the shape of the shivaling.

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Alam Ara, who lives in the area of ​​Prahnad Ghat of Varanasi, has been working for the past 15 years. Believers believe that mercury is not only a part of Lord Shiva, but it has created the universe. This is the reason that Shiva-devoteh regards worship of Shivalinga made of Parare as auspicious.

Alamahara’s husband used to go auto- Later they left the auto run. Then he started looking for a job that nobody else did. Many years have passed in this stubbornness of the husband, during this time the financial condition of the family has worsened. AlamArra says that one day a Baba came to our house and advised to sell and sell the Shivling from Liquid Pare. Since then, he has been associated with this work so far.

According to AlamAra, he has made Shiva of Pare from 16 grams to two and a half quintals. The demand of these pilgrims is not only in Varanasi, but also in the country and abroad. In the days of Savan, the demand for these Shivlings is greatly increased.

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