Neil Armstrong things sold, New York:  The first American astronaut Neil Armstrong, who has stepped on the moon’s land, has been taken into auction for 11.58 crores. This bag was used by Neel during his lunar yatra. He used this bag during the historic Apollo-11 space mission.

These Neil Armstrong things sold in 11 crores rupees

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Anonymous during an auction held here on the occasion of 48th Aniwarsi the Apollo 11 mission buyer bought the bag at $ 18 million (Rs 11.58 crore). It is being told that this is the same bag in which Armstrong brought the earth from the surface of the Moon to the soil.

Neil Armstrong things sold

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Auctioneer Sotheby’s said that this bag was locked in a canister in the Johnson Space Center of Houston for many years. In the auction, a person bidding on the phone for this bag on the condition of keeping the identity confidential.

He said that from the point of view of the Moon, it is the most expensive item ever sold in various aerospace programs and items used in missions. Let me tell you that Neil Armstrong and his colleagues used this “lunar sample return ‘bags during the Apollo 11 space mission in July 1969. The length of this bag is 30 centimeters and the width is 22 centimeters.

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