Noida Roads: I am the road of Noida, the eldest daughter of NCR .. I was born in the days of modernity, when Delhi was troubled by the growing wrinkles of age on her face, my government father-in-law was doing bigger ‘development’ Gave me the responsibility to do I also accepted this responsibility as the order of everyone.

Noida Roads - NCR


I remember that in the early days, I used to be very tired, scared … dust was lying in the clay for several days … Yes, in those days some big people came from their big trains and used to talk about decorating me. They were … to tell the truth, I used to be thrilled to hear those things.

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Noida Roads is Saying Something to You, listen carefully…

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Then the people’s journey started at a slow pace, my aunt’s daughter ‘Metro’ transformed this slow pace into a speed. Then what were all the children of Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Faridabad coming to meet me everyday. The big trees of the cranket have sprouted in my garden which was very big, in whose shade a lot of families are still growing.

Noida Roads - NCR

The discussions of my broad streets started till the drawer. When my puberty came on cloud, on the streets, small pits began to form in their place, I indicated to people that it was necessary to treat but nobody was ready to hear anything in the daily part of the day. On the narrow drains I had trusted, with time, they have started showing their eyes even today, the voracious waste has made their habitat, blocking polythene, they make a whisper in those hours.

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Today’s rain has brought all my pain on the streets. Today my pain was seen in front of people who came to my house. Today the whole city is looking at the pit on my cheeks (which has become a deep wound now).

Noida Roads - NCR


The governments which went on promises to decorate me today, they are repeating the same promise just as they used to do earlier. Now, I do not even remember when I had a tarriche facials on my cheeks last time. I have not been elderly, I have just become like that wife … who was a happy person till I could see …

I know that after seeing my pain of today, you will forget me again, when you will fill the water, then you will curb the government, the current government will get the old government … and the old government, the old government with it …. when I am beautiful I used to do everything, I used to love everyone, but today when I am moaning in pain, I will not listen to anybody.. anybody listen to my voice.

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