Mall: Many shops are under an acoustic roof, they are called malls, here you can also relax, shopping for a budget, then buy and you can also watch the movie Shuvi when the time is available. The creator of this concept took full care of the convenience of the customers but he forgot to mention the dress code for coming here.


Do not let this man enter the mall because…

Now you must be thinking that dress code… and that too to go to the malls, it sounds strange to hear… but it happens. In the Quest Mall of Kolkata, Ashish Avikuntak was not allowed to enter the person because he was wearing dhoti kurta. If you wear half pants and you go to the malls, there will not be any stain in the shawl, but if you wear kurta dhoti, then the malls glow can fade. We are not saying this, but with whom this incident happened, their friend Debelina is telling.

See what happened ?  in Video –

Ashish and Deblina were taking entry in the mall with one of their friends, while the guard standing there stood guard by blocking Ashish from entering the house. Talking about walkie-talkie, it was learned that the mall’s constitution has written that dhoti-kurta or lungi is not an alaud. When Ashish appeared arguing in English on this matter, there was slight noise in Manjamant’s eyes. After this, the management kept Dabelina from recording.


The purpose of checking before the entry into the mall is understandable, perhaps because everyone collaborates in it, but before entering the mall, it is beyond the scope of bunding of lungi and dhoti. You can sell lungi and dhoti with tax in the mall but can not get in. The concept of such dress code is not even in the temples of India. After lifting Dabelina’s Facebook, this matter is made up of headlines.

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