Do not overlook these symptoms of Kidney Stone. This disease is a disease of urinary tract in which kidney stones become hard pieces, such as small stones. Drinking in adequate quantity of water and eating habits of food can put us in this trouble. Burning on the lower side of the abdomen, or having irritation at the time of urination, may be a sign of stone in the kidneys. In the absence of treatment of stone for long period, the smooth operation of the kidney can be reduced.

symptoms of Kidney Stone

Do not overlook these symptoms of Kidney Stone – India Virals |

Before being a kidney stone, our body gives some signals, which can be avoided by identifying it from time to time.

1. Acute pain in the waist area.

2. Acute pain in the back and ribs.

3. Pain with nausea and vomiting.

symptoms of Kidney Stone

4. Burning or bleeding when urinating.

5. Urinating or stomach trouble.

6. Feeling fever and cold.

7. Not urine in general.

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