App based Ride Sharing: Now app based cab service providers will not be able to offer their customers a ride. According to one news, according to the drafts drafted under the City Taxici Scheme 2017 by the Transport Department of Delhi Government, the Ride Sharing Services can be banned as illegal.

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Now App based Ride Sharing would ban in Cabs

According to a news of Times of India, taxis are not allowed to pick and drop a passenger in the middle of the destination. At the same time, the Transport Department has full faith that riding sharing will not be allowed.

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At the same time, a government official said in this case that we are planning to control the operation of app based cab services.


However some features of skim have not yet been finalized. But cab sharing will definitely not be allowed due to being illegal. The last time the government was introduced in the taxi scheme 2015 and now again a new taxis scheme will be introduced after some improvement. Companies like Ola and Uber currently offer app based cab services in the country.

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