Nude Boy Climbed on the train, said – The World of Video Game.  You will have read all the research about the damage caused by overuse of computer, but in Hong Kong there is a strange case of a strange person.

Nude Boy Climbed on the train, said – The World of Video Game

By using more computer, a ‘mental sick’ youth became a nude and boarded a train to travel. Arrested young man, accused of being a public nude, has made a ridiculous claim that he lives in the world of video game.

This is the beginning of the beginning of this month, when people were shocked to see the nude person wearing a shoe in his legs in between them. The footage shows that the young man is busy in his mobile and he is talking to the people who are surprised by seeing this situation.

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The South China Morning Post wrote on behalf of a eyewitness, “The young man said that the clothes are not on his body because he is living in the video game world.”

Nude youth traveled up to 6 stations in this condition, after which he was taken into custody. According to local media reports, the authorities believe that the young man can be mentally ill.

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