OMG: A woman who survived an hour after death. A woman from Kerala was suffering from jaundindis for some time.The doctors declared dead , but after a few hours the woman was alive again. Whole life. The incident is from the Idukki district of Kerala. Where a woman suffering from the disease resurrected after a few hours of death . The doctors declared the woman dead.

How did she hour after death

hour after death

40-year-old Ratnam was found alive in Morchari Ratnam’s jawindis treatment was going on in a hospital in Madurai for the last two months. Ratnam’s internal organs stopped working. Doctors told Ratnam’s family that there is no point in keeping Ratnam in hospital now because his body is not recovering. After this Ratnam’s family took him from Ambulance to Vandanand Nam village. During that time there was no movement in Ratnam’s body.

Such incidents have happened before

After which, the family of Ratnam decided to keep him in Morchari. When Ratnam Morchary reached his house a few hours later, his family felt the movement in the body. He immediately recruited Ratnamm to the nearest private hospital in Katappana village and informed the police about the incident. Police told after the investigation that the woman’s family had not spoken to the doctor before she shifted to Morchari. In Karnatak, a similar incident happened with a teenager. Only a few hours after the death, he was alive again.

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