OMG ! Open Letter of BJP EVM fraud, names of all party leaders. After returning from Gujarat and Himachal’s journey, today there was a time to write comfortably. We have too much work with people in changing politics.

Only one election gets settled that the noise of the second election seems to be heard. Since our father-in-law ballot box has given us the responsibility for election, we have not stopped or are weary since then. Day-to-day elections are going on, but fears are definitely. And because of this fear, today the women are writing a letter to the white Khadi people, hope is sure to reach them.

BJP EVM fraud –

We request every kind of (small, big, big, big, new, old) party that you contest but do not use our name according to your comfort after winning and losing. The one who wins, it tells the truth and the victory of development and who loses it, it tells the EVM tampering. This means that we stand on one leg in the whole election, hide the matter of everyone’s heart within us, and our own name is used according to our own.

Once we were lying in the Election Commission’s warehouse, we were caught on the headlines of a news channel, where a sad anchor was making our soul surrounded by questions. He was being questioned on our character. An enthusiastic worker of a party sitting next to us was showing our components openly.

Just think, if a person is dishonest in the crowd, then should a person question the entire humanity. Being dishonest of man is as bad as ours, because we are of the machine fraternity. Where the components are controlled by one of the energy. But you accuse us that we are being teased and we are quietly spinning.

We request the leaders of all parties, either believe us or do not believe. Stop evaluating our character according to your comfort, it is very good now … There was no time to relax after the election. So I’ll take a little rest, just the next election is going to come.

Take care of all the leaders, because you will keep your thoughts.

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By dp