Osho: Why did Homosexuality become in this World. Except man, leaving a decent man, is there homosexuality? Adivasis live in the forest, they never imagined that homosexuality is also something. That man and can intercourse with.

This is all about the out-of-the-box imagery. I have been living with the villagers, where do the civilized people do this in the same way, they started to say it is about the outstation of our faith. How is this possible ?

But in America they have collected figures – thirty five percent of people are homosexual. And the clubs of Homosexuals in Belgium and Sweden and Holland are the Society, the newspapers come out, and claim to the government that law should be lifted over the homosexuality.

Osho: Why did Homosexuality become in this World

We believe that homosexuality is okay. So we should get the right. No one can imagine how this homosexuality happened. This is the result of the fight against sex.

The civilized society that is so prostitutes is so prostitutes. Ever wondered how the prostitutes were born? You can find a prostitute in a tribal village and you can find it. Even today, it is difficult to find a prostitute in Bastar’s village. And in any imagination, it will not be accepted to believe that women can be such.

Who sells his respect Sell ​​your mating But the civilized man went as decent as he went So many prostitutes went on growing-why?

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How much perverted sex has created place in the life of a man, if we are going to calculate, then what will happen to the man? Who is responsible for it, on which people?

It is up to those people who taught to fight not to understand man-sex. Those who taught suppression, who taught oppression Due to suppression, the power of sex has begun to erupt from the wrong path by splitting from place to place.

All our society has become sick and suffering. If you want to change this patient’s society then we have to accept that there is energy to work, the attraction of work.

Why is the attraction of work?

If we catch that base on the basic basis of work attraction, then we can lift man from the world of work. And the human being will rise above the world of certain work, only then the world of Rama begins.

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