OMG ! Because of this Person ‘Newton Movie is in Oscar’ ! Famous actor, music composer, singer and designer Raghubir Yadav’s film ‘Newton’ has recently been nominated for the Oscars. Raghubir started his career with ‘Masi Sahab’ in the year 1985. Raghubir did not receive any National Award for this film, but got 2 International Awards. Well, the SS Raja Mauli’s movie ‘Bahubali’, which was unable to do, Raghubir’s movie ‘Newton’ did it.

OMG ! Because of this Person ‘Newton Movie is in Oscar’ ! – India Virals |

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Accordingly, Raghubir has become heavier on ‘Bahubali’.

By the way, it is said that Raghbir, who lives in the film, is determined to be selected in the Oscars. ‘Newton’ is the last movie of Raghubir, which has been selected for the Oscars.

Newton Movie Oscar

Earlier, Raghubir’s film ‘Lagaan’, which was released in 2002, was nominated for the Oscars. Then in 2007, Deepa Mehta’s film ‘Water’ was nominated in Oscars. Raghubir’s film ‘Peepli Live’ was nominated for the Oscars in 2011. Apart from this, the 1994 film ‘Rudali’ was also nominated for the Oscars. Mira Nair’s movie ‘Salaam Bombay’ was also nominated for the Oscars in 1989. In this film, Raghubir Yadav played a drug addict.

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