Under the pilot project, Now these people will also have Aadhaar card. Regarding the identity card, the government has been continuously taking any other rules. Because of which, once again the government has been preparing to form Aadhaar card under the pilot project. This time the base card will not be of humans. Aadhaar card will be made under this project. Under this, the cows will be given full details, as well as their location.

Let us state that this scheme is being started by the government from four districts of Madhya Pradesh as soon as the pilot project. Its preparations are on full swing. The Animal Husbandry Department will soon be giving training to the officers and staff for this.

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According to the information, in the districts of Dhar, Khargone, Shajapur and Agar Malwa districts of Madhya Pradesh, the government is going to start the scheme of Cows for forming cards as soon as a pilot project. Under this scheme, a cow will be given a unique identification code. Which will identify him.

At the same time, who is the owner of the cow, how much milk he gives, along with all such information, the location of the cow can also be found by this. For this, a special type of Radio Frequency ID chip will be placed in the neck or in the ears of the cow, in which its complete information will remain. This information will be available on one click.

Giving details of this scheme, Animal Husbandry Minister, Intra-Arya Arya in Dhar said that it is a good initiative for cows. He said that it will get complete information about them with the location of the cows. They said that we are working on this scheme and it will be implemented soon. At the same time, Animal Husbandry Department Deputy Director Dr. Ashok Bherthia says that the scheme also allows curbing of illegal transport and smuggling of cows.

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