Police has arrested two-year-old history sheeter. Jayapu Ramganj police station in Jaipur has arrested the historic Madhu Bengalali police station for two years, Kanpur police station. Actually, the police have been successful in the special campaign launched for the arrest of permanent warrants in Jaipur. The police detained the accused from the Vishwakarma area on information of the informant.

Police has arrested two-year-old history sheeter

According to the police, the absconding accused Madhu Bengali was arrested by NIA for working for the IS. In 2010, permanent warrants were issued against Madhu Bengali from Ramganj and Galata Gate police station. The accused sent to Bangladesh via fake passport and then went to Pakistan for cutting a furrow. Madhu Bengali in Pakistan trained with ISI to build arms and make bombs. After this he returned to India. At present, the police has been questioning the accused and is now investigating the case.

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