Popatlal out before the departure of Tarak Mehta. Shocking stars like Tarak Mehta, all the TV shows have looked just like anyone. Now you see yourself. The news of closure of the first show was coming. The show did not stop, but the sister of the sister became farewell.

Popatlal out

Popatlal out before the departure of Tarak Mehta – India Virals | www.indiavirals.com

Now news is coming out that Popatalal ie Shyam Pathak has also been discharged from the show. Yes, Mercy’s sister had taken Maternity leave. But Popatlal has been banished from the set. Let’s know what is the whole matter …

Reverse stars of the show Tarak Mehta.

Popatlal out

It happened so that all were waiting for Poptalal on the set and Mr. senior journalists were performing in London. Right heard you Janab, Jetha Lal was performing in an event with people of Indian origin in London with Dilip Joshi.

Popatlal out

Dilip had already told the makers that he was about to go to London. At the same time, Shyam came to cheer his fans with Jetha Lal, who told the makers. What was then, after coming back to Shyam set, then the makers fired them.

By the way, it is also being said that Shyam has apologized to the makers for his mistake. So it is to see that Popatalal is in the show farewell to the wedding or show.

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