Ghaziabad: Poverty and compulsion separate mother and son ! The 14-year-old raped victim was discharged from the District Women Hospital on Thursday. The teenager gave birth to a child. The family has refused to adopt a newborn by referring to social and economic compulsions. In such a situation, a mother had to take away her child.

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Poverty and compulsion separate mother and son ! – India Virals |

According to the information, in December last year, a minor girl from Sahibabad was sold to some people. After this, the accused raped him for nearly four months. After reaching the SSP, the police had recovered it in April this year while taking action. During that time she was pregnant. Recently, the raped victim was admitted to the hospital, where she gave birth to a son. The teenager refused to adopt the child.

Poverty and compulsion separate mother and son  !

Dr Dipa Tyagi, CMS, District Women Hospital said that there was considerable improvement in the health of the rape victim. The patient has been discharged. District Provisioning Officer Rajesh Mishra said that the child of the teenager

Poverty and compulsion separate mother and son !

Doctors will be kept under the supervision. After 2 months it will be handed over to any NGO through CWA. From where the adopters will have to follow the whole process. There will be no lack of any kind in it.

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