Tokyo: Japan’s Princess left the royal life, marry to a common man ! Japan’s princess Mako has fallen in love with a common man. The princess abandoned the discrimination and declared her engagement with him. According to the legislation underlining the male natural nature in the Japanese dynasty, the princess must pay the price of this engagement by losing its royal status.

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Japan’s Princess left the royal life, marry to a common man ! – India Virals |

Due to the marriage of a common man under the controversial tradition, now Mako will lose his royal status, like all female members of the royal family. However, this law does not apply to royal males. Mako (25) is the eldest granddaughter of Emperor Akihito and the eldest daughter of Prince Akishnoo, son of the emperor.

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Nonetheless, announcing his engagement at the press conference on television, he told the country that he was really feeling happy.

He said, ‘I was aware from childhood that when I marry, I have to leave my royal status. As a member of the royal family, I helped all possible emperors and discharged their duties. I am enjoying my life. ‘ Their fiancé KEE Comuno (25), who worked in the law company, said that he had proposed marriage to Princess more than three years ago. He told Mako a person who would silently see him like a moon.

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The princess said that her smile (Comuor’s) ‘is like the sun’. The plan was planned to be announced in July, but in the same month due to the heavy rainfall and floods in the southern region of the country, the couple decided to avoid this. An official of the Imperial Household Agency said that their marriage will take place in 2018.

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