Prisoner escaped: Even if you close your room and stay in it for several hours, you will not have any problem. If we see this whole phenomenon in other perspectives, for example- if someone closes us from outside then a soldier will be born in us, who will not let us sit there comfortably.

Prisoner escaped from Jail 25 years ago, now he has returned to jail itself

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Generally everybody does not want any kind of restriction on themselves. What the birds and what the man A bird is also locked in a cage and in the hope of getting the chance, it flies in the blue sky. If you talk to a person, then stay in the form of a hostage in their nature. So, they do not like it, but we are telling you about a man who ran away from jail 25 years ago, but once again he would remain hostage, Looks better than roaming under that blue sky. What happened after all, 25 years after he escaped from jail, he returned and came to jail in jail.

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Actually, this prisoner is a resident of Dnyanacharyi of Kochi. After being arrested on charges of murder in 1991, the eye was sentenced and sent to jail. In December 1992, he escaped on a 30-day parole He was quite searched but he did not catch anyone. This is now 25 years. The age of the eye has been 55 years.

Now the Kochi police told about this incident that one day the eye returned to jail itself. He himself told the prison officials the whole story of his escape from jail and told him where he lived so long. After this he told that he has now cancer. In this way he returned to jail.

The police officers present in the jail, after closing the old figures, stopped them once again in jail. Let me tell you that the sight is unmarried and he had gone away to the Gulf country, but as soon as he came to know that he is suffering from a stroke like a cancer, he did not show any support in the world and he returned to jail for 25 years.

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