New Delhi: Putin congratulates India on the Independence Day, say, I am sending MI-17, liberate Tibet. Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, congratulated India on Independence Day. Putin spoke of giving MI MI helicopter to India on this occasion.

Putin congratulates India says, I am sending MI-17, liberate Tibet – India Virals |

According to a statement issued by the Russian President’s Office, Putin said that friends of India and Russia are ideal for the whole world. Both countries do not care for each other for their own interests.
At the same time, Alexander Mikhiv, CEO of Russian arms supplier Rosoboron Export said that India currently has 300 helicopters of MI-8 and MI-17 families in the present time.

India uses it for military deployment, patrolling, search-rescue and military transport. India knows its needs very well. Michey said during the Russian air show that it will be dealt with by the end of this year.

Let us know that last year Russia gave India 3 MI-17V5 helicopters under an old deal. This deal was done during 2012-13. Equipped with high technology these choppers are used for military transport.

It is known that earlier it was news that Russia, which is considered to be the closest Indian, will deliver the delivery of Russia’s MI-171E non-combat helicopter to Pakistan. It was reported in a media report that it will be the second convertible helicopter to be given to Pakistan this year by Pakistan.
The M-17A Military Cargo Helicopter Mi-17, which is already part of the Pakistani Army. The order of this helicopter was given by the troubled Balochistan province of Pakistan. It is used in passenger or freight transport, medical emergency, relief and rescue operations.
The Russian company did this deal with helicopter supply in Balochistan in December 2016. The convertible helicopter can fly directly from the same place as well as fly from the airstrip like a plane.

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