New Delhi: Putin ready to give India its most advanced fighter Plane. Russia, India’s oldest friends, offered to give India its most destructive fighter Jet Mig-35. It is news from source that the talks between India and Russia can move forward on this deal. Recently the Indian officials liked this fighter jet.

Putin ready to give India its most advanced fighter plane

Indeed, Russia wants to give its Indian fighter plane MiG-35 to the Indian Air Force. Chief of MiG Corporation has said that India has shown interest in this fighter plane and talks about it are in progress. MiG-35 flew for the second time in January this year, about 10 years later. This Russian aircraft has now returned more dangerous than ever before, and the whole world is taking an interest in this destructive plane.

MiG Chief said that India has shown interest in buying MiG-35. He said that India has been using MiG planes for almost 50 years and India has also proposed that the MiG Corporation has offered its new aircraft to the earliest countries and intends to supply India with its most modern aircraft. After the arrival of this fighter plane, the strength of the IAF will increase manifold. It is worth mentioning that for the past few years, India has been engaged in acquiring advanced fighter planes and would definitely want to achieve this fourth generation new MiG aircraft.

MiG-35 specializes in airplanes and dancers as well as dodging enemy radars. MiG-35 is not the answer to the acceleration in the air. The Russian fighter plane can attack 10 to 30 marks simultaneously and attack them. This aircraft’s cannon, equipped with modern missiles, is very tremendous. Modern smart bombs can be installed on both of them. This Russian aircraft can travel a distance of 2,000 kilometers at a time. MiG-35 is the most advanced version of MiG-29 fighter aircraft serving since 1982.

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