Ranbir Kapoor engage in training of ‘dragon’ ! Ranbir Kapoor, who is called Ganguly in his house, has been in the spotlight for the topic of napotism (brother niece) these days. Actually Ranbir has given this name to Raj Kapoor who knows only his family members and special friends. Ranbir had a lot of expectations from his previous movie ‘Jagga Detective’. It is also important to meet the public’s expectations.

Ranbir Kapoor engage in training of 'dragon' ! - India Virals

Ranbir Kapoor engage in training of ‘dragon’ !

However, now Ranbir is very excited about his upcoming film ‘Dragon’ (Uncertain Titles). He is also taking special training for this. The film, which will be seen in Ayan Mukherjee’s directorial, will be seen by Ranbir’s Upozit Alia Bhatt Ayan further said, “The film will be Gymnastics, Horse-Riding, Fighting and Physical Activity, which will be done by Ranbir himself, along with some internal work in the film, in which he will have to understand the flavors of the film by focusing on the character. They can better get their message in between the audience. ”

Ranbir Kapoor engage in training of 'dragon' ! - India Virals

At this time, Ranbir is focusing more on the biopic on Sanjay Dutt. Continuing his point, Ayan says that, “The real title of this movie will be revived soon and its shooting will begin next year so that it can be screened till 2019”. Ayan and Ranbir have worked together in two films before, in which Ranbir played Lead Rolle.

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