A rare shark species found in Scotland, know about it! Rare sofa shark Psuedotrakias microdon, which has been compared to an ugly blob-fish, and which usually occupies a depth of 4,600 feet on the coast of Scotland.

rare shark species

A rare shark species found in Scotland, know about it !

These weird and unusual looking sharks can be 9.8 feet long, but it was seen near Isle of Barra, which was 6 feet long. Although they are not unusual, this is only the second time that fish have been found in Scottish waters.

These sofa sharks, also called false catfish, are heavy with long eyes. They usually hunt in the deep sea. Because they gradually move on to the sea level, but previous studies indicate that they eat almost anything which comes in their way in deep water. Apart from this, they have a big mouth and teeth.

A member of the Scottish Shark Tagging Program, Dr. Frances Knitt said in a statement that I did not do such a shark for ten years. This is not unique to Scotland, but it’s certainly interesting to see. This is a big looking creature. This recently seen species of a rare sofa shark has been given a place in the long list of the original species of Scotland. Before this, these sharks have been seen in the coastal waters of Canada, Brazil, Portugal, Iceland, New Zealand, Hawaii and Japan.

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