Report: Note Ban and GST made the country poor. Rustamnagar, outside the Rajmahal located in Sahaspur, Congress’s former union minister and Rajya Sabha member Sanjay Singh, on the Congress’s Chaupal, how to taint the BJP government. Note ban and claimed to be a waste of public by GST. Said that the BJP government is merely a cloak of lies. People will also have to bear the loss in the coming time.

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Report: Note Ban and GST made the country poor – India Virals |

Before the program on Monday, MP Sanjay Singh was welcomed with flowers. He said that BJP’s surgical strike was of no use. Surgical strikes were done during the tenure of Indira Gandhi. When Pakistan was divided into two parts in Bangladesh. After three years of failure the BJP government has fallen to the mouth. Unemployment has increased during BJP rule. The promise of 15 lakhs was false. Note ban and loss to the country by GST The Congress leader demanded the investigation of the business of the son of BJP National President Amit Shah.

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That said, BJP made false promises. The government has waived debt of those people, who never give loans. He said that on October 11 in Bareilly, While preparations for the centenary programs are going on in seven districts. Apart from National President Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi will also address the gathering. Former minister Rani Reena Kumari said that the claims of the Central Government have been opened.

The time is coming from the Congress. During this time Congress District President Dr. AP Singh, District Secretary Shakir Malik, the City President Dr. MD Bhardwaj, Chaudhary Atar Singh, Chaudhary Mahendra Singh, Chaudhary Pradeep Kumar, Chaudhary Amarpal Singh, Karan Singh, Nisar Ansari etc.

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