This restaurant is served in roasted insects. Khan has been eaten in many of your many hotels, where you will be welcomed with a variety of dishes. But today we are going to tell you about a restaurant where your eyes will come out when you read the menu card. Yes, there is a restaurant in Bangkok where several types of insects have been included in the menu. Let us know that insect pests are consumed in bulk in Bangkok. Which is also an important part of snacks street food here.

This restaurant is served in roasted insects, So Weird !!

This restaurant is served in roasted insects, So Weird !!

Most people in Thailand love to eat insect pork in breakfast. People here are chewed alive alive like cockroach and earthworms. These street vendors of Bangkok are the hotspots for tourists and locals visiting there. Small lizards, such as locust, are eaten by frying. It is worth noting that the United Nations Food Program has launched a campaign here to cater to the lack of protein, which has been adopted by the people of Thailand’s great fondness.

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